The Ezra Abraham To Life Foundation allows teens to
connect with others, to enjoy the pleasures of life, to simply be.
The Foundation aims to ensure that the quality of life
of each patient is not lost in the healing process.

We provide support to youth and their families through
the Living Room Program and the Live Life Program.

The Living Room Program


With rooms designed especially for youth, To Life creates a vibrant oasis away from treatments and hospital beds. Living Rooms are bright, energetic spaces with modern furnishings, computers with the latest video games, basketball hoops, books, comics, music, DVDs, musical instruments and more!

The Living Room is a place to meet with friends and family, to chill out and read a great magazine, or even learn a few new guitar chords – it’s like being at home.

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The Live Life Program


The Live Life program provides in-hospital activities, events, and therapies which help build a patient’s self-esteem and take the focus away from being ill, isolated, or under stress. To Life Foundation co-ordinates, with the help of hospital counselors, customized activities based on a patient’s interests.

Whether it be guitar lessons, karaoke night with friends and family, or art lessons, the request of each patient is fulfilled to the best of our ability.

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About Ezra


As a brave teen cancer patient, Ezra Abraham, faced his fears and transcended his illness by thinking of ways to help other teens with cancer. By embracing the philosophy of living every day to its fullest, Ezra truly embodied every meaning of the word “life” and inspired everyone who met him.

In 2004 Ezra, also known as “Chaim” (Hebrew for “life”) by family and friends, started selling bright green bracelets to raise money for the charities that helped him throughout his seven-year fight with Rhabdomyosarcoma (a rare form of cancer). The Ezra Abraham To Life Foundation was officially incorporated in the spring 2005.

“To Life” is an elegantly symbolic dedication both to Ezra and to his philosophy of living life to its fullest each day…no matter who you are.

The To Life Foundation gratefully accepts all donations to support children and families facing life-threatening illnesses.